July 21, 2008

the weekend.


Worked all day, then headed out to here:

for dinner. Heard good things about it, and had even tried some takeout at my internship, but I was excited to see the place in person. The food was good good good - we ordered barbecued beef, corn muffins, yucca (sp?) fries, red beans and yellow rice, creamed spinach, and sweet tea. Yummy!

This guy brought me there:

He was a bit happier when the camera wasn't on him.


Got up, tagged along to a haircut with the boy, stopping to shop at my favorite store. After that, went to Ikea and got this stuff:

(don't mind the mess, I'm just keeping it real)

Then to the MOA to get this stuff:

I needed the running shoes because my toes kept going numb in the one's that I have, and it was buy one get one free! Who can resist a cute pair of black heels? I am wearing them today, and so far, very comfortable! Which is always good, but not a dealbreaker, considering the many, many scars I have on my feet from all of my not-so-comfortable shoes.

Saturday night:

Got home and put all of the new Ikea bedding on my bed:

which was very comfy. (I got new sheets, two new pillows, a new comforter, and a new mattress pad)

Played with Bean:

(That bunny slipper is one of a pair that was given to me for Easter. He chewed the first one to bits the first night - but still likes to attack the remaining one)

Sunday morning:

Bean approves the new bedding:

Spent most of Sunday running errands (cleaning, groceries, drugstore). Then headed up to my grandparent's place, where they cooked steaks, potatoes, and we had fruit salad. My grandpa is so cute, because his entire life my grandma cooked everything for him, but now that he has to cook he is so proud of himself! He did a good job too.


Had a slim fast for b-fast, and having a huge salad with leftover steak on it for lunch. Work is so empty with everyone gone/leaving, but there's plenty to do. I also bought some new plants for my desk at Ikea, but I didn't have a picture. They are cute and small.

So that was my weekend - how was yours?


Jessica said...

Cute shoes, gorgeous Bean, lovely Ikea ensemble and yummy Brasa!!!

Mike said...

Cute shoes... and I heart IKEA.

By the way, if you're using the running shoes for running, it's often wise to get them at least a half-size too big. Your feet swell as you churn out the miles. Just a tip I picked up along the distance-running way (ask me, I have lots... although most have to do with anti-chafing remedies, ha)