October 8, 2008

ready to go home now...

I was just in the bathroom at work and realized I hadn't put any makeup on this morning.

I also had to get back in the shower this morning - after toweling off - because I realized I hadn't rinsed out my conditioner.

And? Apparently managed to hurt my right ankle running yesterday - wtf? So now i'm hobbling.

Finally, I had an IUD put in yesterday (sorry, TMI?) and now I think I have a fever.

So yeah, I'm ready to go back to bed now......

October 7, 2008

why hello, blog!

Goals. This has been a month (or two) of setting and achieving goals.

I got a new job. Old news - I know - but a goal I had been after for almost 2 long years. I love my new job, it is everything I ever dreamed it could be during those months when I couldn't imagine getting up for work another day. When the thought of making more copies, running more errands, or hearing my boss scream at me one more time seemed like too much. But I'm out! Goal achieved. And damn that feels great.

This week I started running. I've always envied runners - they're always the coolest people in the gym, right? Running along, oblivious to all of us walking, or stair-stepping or whathaveyou. I was always jealous. Not to mention those OUTSIDE RUNNERS. How much confidence do you have to have to run outside? In front of other people? Yikes.

So running was always out for me - mainly because I'm historically about the most out of shape person I know. Even at my skinniest, I was the textbook definition of 'skinny-fat'. I could hardly make it up a flight of stairs (probably still can't.)

Sometime last year I started working out. it's been off and on, but I gradually have worked myself up to the point where 30 minutes of straight cardio on the elliptical or ergonomiter or whatever is doable survivable for me. Which is great! So now I'm doing couch to 5k (C25K).

The program can be found at Cool Running - basically it's a 9 week program that gradually gets you from a walking pace to running 5k (that's around 3 miles) straight - without overdoing it and getting discouraged. This was key for me - because I always overdo it on the first day, get injured, and then stop. Hopefully this will help.

So far I've run 2 days, Sunday and this morning. Sunday my total distance was 1.6 miles, and today it was 2 miles. Those miles are a combo of running and walking, mostly walking at this point since I'm in my first week.

And what do I have to say about the running? OUCH. My legs are killing me. Getting up to pee seems much worse than just holding it. The idea that I'm going to get up and have to run again one more day this week is awful. Aargh. However, I've made it through two of them, so hopefully I'll keep going.

I also saw the scale dip under 150 today for the first time in many moons. That made me happy. I'd really like to get under 130 someday, but under 150 is pretty good for now.

In other news (and other goals), I finally completed my Eat Street font project - you can find it here. My internship has a few more weeks to go, and overall I'd say it was pretty successful.

Went to the Ani concert on Friday. It was awesome (as usual). My sister and I went last year, and then went again this year. We had dinner at Solera - which was amazing! 8 little dishes of fabulous gourmet food....to die for. The concert was rockin', and it was cool to hang with the little sis.

Bean got another lion cut. (I told him if he wouldn't let me brush him he would get one) Not really a goal, but gives me a chuckle every day. He looks so tiny!

I've started trying to clean a little bit every day - which has greatly helped my weekend workload. I'm trying to keep one day (Saturday) for resting and relaxing, but usually I spend that day cleaning. Now I vacuum pretty much every day (thank you roomba!), clean the kitchen one day, bathroom one day, etc. So all I have to do on the weekends is garbage and laundry. It's amazing.

Wow. Boring post, huh? Another goal on my list is to blog 3x per week. If I can run 3x a week, then by-God I should be able to blog, right? I just need to do it! So here I go.

September 23, 2008

once a week blogger...

apparently i can only post once a week. oh well.

new bean pictures for you!

do you see the cuteness?

either love-y or plotting....

love is.....a sink and a nap

"why'd you wake me up?"


the job is still going well. so far no one seems to be disappointed in what i'm doing - and i've gotten compliments on some of my poster designs, so that's good! i've also acquired 4 free boxes of cereal in 7 work days. if this keeps up i may never eat anything else again!

I dress like this now: pretty fancy, eh?


i feel like i'm in a whirlwind lately. i'm truly happy about my new job and everything else that's been happening - but every so often i get flashes of intense sadness. it's almost like homesickness, but i have no idea what i'm homesick for. i think it's just the uneasiness of everything changing all at once, and having nothing to grab onto. no safety blanket.

i need to go work out. but i always feel like sleep is more important....

i think i'm working too much - i work until 4:30 every day, and then come home and work on freelance work until i go to sleep. i haven't been seeing friends (except the boy), and i think it's wearing on me. i've found that no matter how many happy things are happening to you - they don't seem as happy when you have no one to celebrate them with. you know?


ok, time to pack for the gym and try to get some sleep.

September 17, 2008

labor day weekend/updates


i started my new job on monday, and so far i'm loving it. the people i work with are great, i get to design! things! all! day!, and my workplace is amazing. there's a caribou coffee, a d'amico and sons, a free fitness center, a huge cafeteria (with an amazing salad bar), a doctor/dentist on site...i could go on forever. it's a far cry from an office of 5, let me tell ya.

i'm still in the honeymoon phase, i know, and i know that i will be challenged with the work. it's mostly designing powerpoint presentations on demand, in front of people - so i've been trying to brush up on my powerpoint skills as fast as possible. the guys i work with have been great so far though. i also get a sweet 30" monitor, and a whole bunch of other cool stuff that i haven't even really delved into yet, like subscriptions to photo and animation sites, a dvd library of images and video, etc. etc.


labor day weekend pics:

the boy and i went up to the north shore way back at the beginning of september, just a few miles south of grand marais. we got a cute little room, with a private deck overlooking the lake, and spent our time hiking, kayaking, eating, and smiling. so fun!

me, playing in a river near a waterfall

us, on a hike

us, with our coffee cups, on our private deck


in other news:

bean is very happy these days. the boy and i gave him a bath the other day b/c he was getting a little stinky, and since then he's been all soft and shiny and happy. still bitey though. i keep threatening him with this:

hee hee!

August 25, 2008

now with more cleaning power!

i'm back!

i've decided not to be sorry about not posting for....well, about a month. this is my blog, dangit, and hardly anyone reads it anyway - but I spend so much time hemming and hawing over what to write, and if what i write will come back to bit me in the ass butt later in life, and if what i'm writing is funny or witty - it really ruins the whole point! i started this blog to get my thoughts and feelings down and out (down onto something and out of me, that is), and i need to start doing just that.

so if you are annoyed that i never post - tough. and if you're someone later in life that's trying to dig up some dirt on me so you can not hire me/fire me/ laugh at me - suck it.

onward and upward!

good news:

i got a new job (it's awesome), a new haircut (pretty cute), i'm no longer pregnant (good? i guess?), and i have some new things in my life that are making me happy.

1. a roomba! i love this little guy. he runs all around my house, making noise and bumping into things, but when he's done it's clean! Also, Bean follows him around like a best friend. not only does he clean - he plays with the cat! seriously folks, i love this thing. I've also noticed Mr. Roomba encourages me to be more productive. He's like "Hey you, i'm running around this place cleaning up your $h!# right now - why don't you get off your fat ass lazy bum and put away the laundry/do the dishes/write a blog post? you know, since i'm cleaning anyway." it's brilliant - I feel like i'm multitasking.

2. a nintendo DS. I have a cooking game, zelda, a mystery game, a medical game - everything i could ever want! I don't have nearly enough time to play this thing, but it was the best b-day present ever (from the boy). good for relaxing (or as close as I ever come to relaxing).

3. a flatiron. who knew that these things could make my hair cute? i certainly didn't. i'm in love.

4. various household organizers. i started this "organizing my life" process about a week ago, and got something to organize my makeup/jewelry/endless bobby pins, and a bunch of other stuff. next - shoes! I'm thinking something like this, but cheaper. ideas?

in other news:

i've gained about 10 pounds, but i'm giving myself a break. my clothes still fit, and as soon as I have more time i will start working out again. also, i think i'm dropping out of school. it's too much work right now with the new job and some other freelance work I'm doing, and the teachers this semester kinda suck. maybe i'll go back next year? but hey! more time to take a yoga class (or a pole-dancing one).

on the emotional front:

i'm still pretty shaken up about this whole past month. a lot of changes are taking place, and i'm having to make a lot of grown up decisions, which is always scary.

i just recently realized that my whole life i've been convinced that being happy will bring about disaster. like, if i just relax and breathe and believe/feel/know that everything is ok - someone will die, or my apartment will burn down, or something. going through life always expecting the worst isn't really all that fun (i'm realizing). it's also going to be a hard mental block/emotion/belief to overcome - because risking feeling 'safe' means that i'm tempting fate, and the entire belief structure that i've known for 24 years. anyway, it's hard to explain, but i'm working through it which i think is good...

ok, Mr. Roomba and me I are tired. time for some sleep...

gratuitous (old) picture of Bean. i keep it on my desk and smile every time i see it.