July 17, 2008

Wow, 5 days since my last post. Sorry kids, life's been way too busy.

Started a 'fast' yesterday. I put it in quotes because it's not a true fast - I'm still eating, just very restricted. Can of Progresso light soup for lunch and dinner, fresh veggies and fruits, and tea, diet soda, water, coffee. Oh, and sugar-free jello and popsicles. I didn't do so great yesterday - had some hummus and a tiny meal of real food for dinner instead of soup - but today I've only had carrots and jello. I'm really looking forward to some soup!

Don't ask me why I'm doing this fast. I'm just fed up with not losing (and in fact gaining) weight. I've been trying to stay under 1500 calories a day for months now, and working out 3+ times a week, and have seen little to no results. So I'm trying this to see if I can get a 'jump start', and if not I'm going to go to the doctor to get a couple things checked out. So there you go.

Not eating does make me a little bit crabby, however, and makes it hard to concentrate. I also got less than 6 hours of sleep last night - so pray for those around me. ;)

In other news: I started my 3-month internship with the font designer, Chank Diesel. We're working on a free font called Eat Street right now, and after that is done I get to concept and design my own font! This whole thing is really exciting for me, it's a whole new area of design that I never really thought about, and while it's not really lucrative (since most fonts are free or pirated nowadays), it does get me thinking, and inspires me in other areas of design - design should be fun! It's nice to be reminded of that.

Let's see, what else? I went on a
date last night, with a guy we'll nickname 'the vegan'. Because he's (surprise!) vegan. He also rides a bike everywhere. Which is really intimidating to me, the girl who eats like crap and drives everywhere in her crappy beat-up corsica...but it was a nice date nonetheless. He was cute, fun, polite, smart - really meets all my prereqs as far as first dates go. Biggest drawback? He's married - and in an open relationship. Which isn't a big deal to me at this point (I'm down with the polyamory thing, and always have been), but it's hard when it's someone that I could potentially really like - to know that it's never going to really go anywhere. So then I wonder, what's the point? But I"m keeping it light and fun for now - just seeing where it's going.

(I totally have this t-shirt)

Also, I'm tempted to post a cuter semi-decent picture of me after that monstrosity below, so here you go:

That's me having a little too much fun at my friend's bachelorette party this weekend. There was pole dancing flailing, club-hopping, and much drinking.

That's it! Hopefully more posts coming up this week.


Emily said...

Did you think that maybe the weight gain was muscle gain from working out?

But I'm glad to hear about your date and internship! It sounds like fun!

Abby said...

unfortunately, that whole "muscle weighs more than fat" thing is overused and is rarely the reason for lack of weight loss or weight gain. but, having more muscle mass will help you burn fat more efficiently, so working out should definitely help.

also, is "the vegan" the guy you asked me if I knew? even if I don't, I bet Mary does. :) but cute, vegan biker dude sounds pretty good to me. And dating a married man can certainly have it's drawbacks, but overall, it works out pretty well for me.

Helliferocious said...

Yeah, I wish it was muscle weight, but I'm 'fraid not, lol.

"the vegan" is the guy I asked if you knew! Apparently he's quite the hermit, so we should talk and see if you know him. :)

Emily said...

Ok, this whole muscle vs. fat thing was bugging me so I asked Charlie (certified personal trainer). This is his input

"She is in fact GAINING muscle mass- that is why she is gaining weight. However, fat does not weigh more than muscle- 5lbs is 5 lbs. Fat however is more "bulky" while muscle is more dense.

Just tell Sara to hang in there- I would actually recommend she eats more than 1500 calories!"

Just thought i'd add a professionals opinion in there.

Helliferocious said...

The problem is, that even if I am gaining muscle mass (and weight) - I'm not losing fat! I don't mind if it's a trade off, but Charlie is probably right - if I'm not eating enough my body will hang on to all my fat....ugh.

Thanks for the input guys! Tell Charlie I want to hire him. :)

Mike said...

Two things...

1) LOVE your hairstyle. You always have the best hair... I need to grow mine out.

2) If you cut back on your caloric intake, your body reacts by storing fat. It's a leftover from the days where we were hunter-gatherers and couldn't always find food... Charlie's right. To burn fat, you need to eat more than you're doing (as long as it's healthy, good-for-you stuff).