September 23, 2008

once a week blogger...

apparently i can only post once a week. oh well.

new bean pictures for you!

do you see the cuteness?

either love-y or plotting....

love is.....a sink and a nap

"why'd you wake me up?"


the job is still going well. so far no one seems to be disappointed in what i'm doing - and i've gotten compliments on some of my poster designs, so that's good! i've also acquired 4 free boxes of cereal in 7 work days. if this keeps up i may never eat anything else again!

I dress like this now: pretty fancy, eh?


i feel like i'm in a whirlwind lately. i'm truly happy about my new job and everything else that's been happening - but every so often i get flashes of intense sadness. it's almost like homesickness, but i have no idea what i'm homesick for. i think it's just the uneasiness of everything changing all at once, and having nothing to grab onto. no safety blanket.

i need to go work out. but i always feel like sleep is more important....

i think i'm working too much - i work until 4:30 every day, and then come home and work on freelance work until i go to sleep. i haven't been seeing friends (except the boy), and i think it's wearing on me. i've found that no matter how many happy things are happening to you - they don't seem as happy when you have no one to celebrate them with. you know?


ok, time to pack for the gym and try to get some sleep.


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