July 9, 2008

'what's up with that?' Wednesdays.

People that drive through a 4-way stop without waiting their turn - what's up with that? They can't wait the 6 seconds it would take for the next two cars to go? They think they're much more important than me, patiently waiting my turn? People like that just like to feel important, and do it by taking turns that aren't theirs (this includes you - people who run red lights). Don't get me wrong, I'll speed up for a yellow light - but I do not blatantly take things that are not mine - not even turns.

The dead-animal smell in my work parking garage. It comes around every summer (3 so far), and seriously smells rotten - I know you know what smell I'm talking about. Now, if it was just a rat or something, that thing would have been a skeleton years ago. So it's either lots and lots and lots of dead rats - or there's a Minneapolis serial killer hiding dead bodies in my parking garage. Or one large dead elephant.

The fact that I only get checked out by anyone when I'm impaired in some way (drunk, even sick). What am I doing in my normal state that I'm not doing in a loopy state, or vice versa? I must look really angry most of the time or something. Or guys like girls with vacant stares that stumble. That must be it.

Ok, that's all I have for this inaugural 'what's up with that?' Wednesday. Goodnight all.

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