July 7, 2008

lakes, animals, and parents - oh my!

Whew! Crazy three-day weekend folks - here's the update:

I drove up 4 hours north to visit my parents on Friday - stopping to visit the grandparents on the way. The drive was pretty uneventful, except for Bean frantically meowing most of the way, and jumping around the car. (I try to keep him in his carrier, but i'm weak he gets upset)

The fourth was filled with fireworks, flowers and lakes:

(the fireworks in our driveway - impressive!)

(a pretty flower from my step-mother's garden)

(the lake - I was on a boat, it was fun

Along with some pretty fun antics from the animals. My parents have a dog named Chester, and being a border collie - he is very, very....animated. (lots of energy) Anyway, he doesn't have much experience with cats, and let's just say he was pretty obsessed interested.

Bean doesn't have much experience with dogs either, except when he was
a tiny, baby kitten:

So it was fun to watch them interact.

Also, here are some gratuitous shots of Bean, hanging out (outside!) on his leash. He felt like king of the jungle. Even though deep down, he's really a city kitty. He was so happy to get back home to a.c. and cable, he could hardly contain himself. (his favorite show is Deadliest Catch, btw)

(here he is showing classic Bean attitude - with the tongue out "I am better than you" look)

(here he's just a "cool cat")

I got home and my stupid air conditioner was broken - so I'm currently staying at the boy's place while he's away. All week! I'm feeling pretty lonely, but hopefully softball tonight will cheer me up.

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Abby said...

Awwww. I love the pictures of bean and chester. Bean looks like he is having a great time in the wild outdoors.