June 9, 2008


I spent this weekend with friends - and our first order of business was the Sex and the City movie on Saturday. I was super excited because the four of us have been friends forever (three of us since 5th grade - and the other since 9th), and all of us going to see the four of them just seemed too perfect. We went to block E to see the flick, and had some Applebee's before the show. By the way - nothing on Applebee's menu is vegan. Nothing. Not even vegetarian, really. (I'm not a vegan, I'm just saying)

So anyway - movie was great, afterwards we went back to my place and had girl time - complete with grey's anatomy and cosmo's - I thought all was well. Woke up the next morning...no wallet.

F-U-C-K. That's all I could think/say. I checked my bank account and over $1300 - gone. Not only that, but they also rented not one, but two cars in my name (using my driver's license). AWESOME. I realized that stealing someone's wallet in a movie theater is a great freaking idea - because you know they probably won't notice for at least a couple of hours - so you can go hog wild.

So today is filled with getting a new license, new check card, police reports, etc. I'm lucky that I have enough savings to cover the damage until my investigation goes through. i never realized how dangerous check cards are. I'm not sure I even want one anymore, honestly. This is the 5th time in my life that my wallet has been taken or lost - I obviously have really bad karma. I want to build a secret safe in my apartment and deal only in gold coins from now on. I just need to find some leprechauns.

In other news - I have shin splints. The only way I would run is
for my life, so I'm not sure how I even got them. Karma again. So I'm hobbling around barefoot at work. Sexy-pants. I'm also working on an egg-cup catalog for class. I'll have to fill everyone in on my egg-cup obsession soon.


Emily said...

Find anything out yet?

Helliferocious said...

nope, not really. just waiting on the bank to make a decision....