June 16, 2008

mini rants and mini loves.

lets have a mini-story day!

my cell phone broke today. i have a motorola razor, and one of the screws holding on the top portion fell out a week ago. today, the lcd screen doesn't work. so i call up t-mobile, and they say it's 'physical damage' aka 'my fault'. screw them. so i ordered a $10 phone to replace it (i am so done with razors) and they charge me an $18 'rape you' 'upgrade fee'! seriously? i hate you t-mobile.

(work rant deleted to protect...myself - I really wanted to leave it in, but I just can't. sigh.)

i'm frustrated with myself, because I can't stick to my diet. i spent yesterday making a big salad to take to work for lunches all week, packed myself a healthy breakfast - the whole works. I did workout this morning, which is good, but then ate a plateful of pub mix - which is probably like a billion calories. plus, i'm doing homework at a coffee place tonight, which = calorie-laden caffeinated drinks and probably lots of food as well. aargh!

one of my favorite things is to see rain in the distance. what i mean is - it's not raining on you - but you can see the rain falling from the clouds. i had the opportunity to see that on the backdrop of a stunning bright-pink sunset last night on my way home from the grandparents - and it was delightful.

i'm really liking the way my eggcup catalog/homework is shaping up - i'll have to post a spread or two tonight when it's all! finished!

i never, ever get zits (and yes, you can hate me). however, when I do get one of those deep down zits that just won't pop - one of my guilty pleasures is to pop it with an exacto razor blade. totally gross, I know - but the satisfaction of making that tiny cut and have everything come out? oh my god - it's like porn for me. totally popped a 6-month old zit on my lip last night. awesome.

well, now that you've all run screaming - I think I'll sign off. hoping i can get through the next 3 hours without anything too scary happening - and then get my homework done quickly. keep your fingers crossed.


Emily said...

If it makes you feel any better Sprint charges me an "upgrade fee" too when I switch phones. Luckly its only once every 2 years.

On another note: I feel like I should comment more.

But then I remember that you never comment on my blog.

So there.

Now I feel better. :o)

Can't wait to see an example of your egg cup catalog!

Emily said...

Hey, I've posted 35 times!

I write!

You just don't comment.

And thats ok, I know that you read it.