June 28, 2008

cool customer.

i got my air conditioner in today. which doesn't sound like it should be that hard, but i have a four-foot window to put it in. so first i had to measure said window, then head to home depot to buy some plexiglas, a 2x4, and some foil duct tape. the foil keeps the squirrels from chewing their way in (hopefully). so several hours later i have a cool apartment! bean is loving it.

it's pride this weekend in minneapolis. i didn't head over today, because of all the air-conditionering i had to do, but i probably will tomorrow. pride is always so fun! lots of happy people, sun, snacks, animals, etc. it's at least worth taking a walk over and checking out. i really want to bring bean on a leash, but i'm afraid of scary dogs freaking him out. we'll see.

i've been slacking horribly on my diet and on working out. i wouldn't be surprised if i've gained at least 2 pounds this past week. aargh. so i went to the grocery store tonight and bought lots of fruit, snackable veggies, light soup, etc. we'll see if i do any better this week. i'm definitely working out tomorrow!

wow, this is a really boring post. but at least its a post. i can't always be interesting. i didn't take my medicine for 3 days and crashed pretty bad earlier (causing the boy to yell at me because i was being impossible). it's always hard to hear that you're hard to take sometimes, but i guess it snapped me out of it. i'm feeling much better now.

goodnight imaginary readers - sleep tight. dream of exciting posts.

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